What is Silk? 

We are a brand, whose sole focus is to give our fans the true underground experience. 

What is an underground experience?

It's going to a club and just letting go. Avoiding the trappings of the social norms and mainstream sounds. Creating a intimate space where you can really feel the bass hit your chest and move you feet. It's a place of no judgement. A night where you can just forget who you are and feel the deep vibrations pulse through your body sending you in to a state of euphoria.

How will you achieve this?

Hosting events that are bespoke and tailored to individual needs, therefore  you never have the same experience twice.


By giving up and coming artists a music platform for them to share their music. We go through a vigorous scouting progress to specifically select each and every DJ that features on our weekly episodes, the Feel Of Silk. 

We also sell our clothing and accessories in our online shop. So that where ever you are, you'll be a part of the Silk family.

Why did you start Silk?

The idea came to me when I was out in central London, en route to arguably one of the most famous clubs in the world. Fabric nightclub in Farringdon. Known for its legendary DJ Sets. But the only downfall was when I got back home I'd realised I had spent a fortune. So this got me thinking, what if i could offer the same underground experience without having to spend top club money.

Where do you want Silk to go?

Our aim is to make Silk the biggest music platform for up and coming artists who's focus is the underground sound, as well as putting on events all over the world in places such as Buenos Aires, Marbella, Berlin, New York and Bangkok. Bringing people the true sounds of the underground whilst be able to provide an experience like no other.

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